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Security Advisory

Security Advisory for Indians residing in Afghanistan and travelers to Afghanistan

In recent weeks, the kidnapping of foreign citizens and other violent incidents have increased in Kabul city and other parts of Afghanistan and the security situation remains highly volatile. This spate of violent incidents is likely to continue in the near future also.

2. Indians and Indian interests continue to remain on the hit list of terroristsoperating in Afghanistan. The Embassy advises, all Indians in Afghanistan to review their personal security arrangements and accordingly take appropriate measures to enhance their personal safety and maintain high level of alertness and vigilance. Non essential movements should be avoided and visits to hotels, restaurants andinternational guest houses etc. should be discouraged as far as possible.

3.  Further, all Indians are advised to remain in touch with the Indian Embassy/Consulates for any guidance on security matters.


Public Affairs Wing
Embassy of India, Kabul

All Indians in Afghanistan

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