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Tourist Visa on Arrival

The TVOA-ETA (Tourist Visa on Arrival - enabled with Electronic Travel Authorisation) scheme has been launched on 27 November 2014 for 43 countries. A dedicated website has been launched for this purpose.  The citizens of these 43 countries can apply online for tourist visas (twice a year, each visit not exceeding 30 days, visa duration non-extendable except in the event of medical emergencies) which shall be granted within 72 hours through email. The purpose of the visit may range from tourism, casual business visit, short term medical treatment, to meet friends and relatives. The applicant is expected to take a print of the email and can travel to India through 9 designated international airports (Bangalore, Chennai, Kochin, Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram). The TVOA-ETA scheme entails capture of biometric data of the visitor on arrival at the airport. The list of countries is given below:
01.    Australia
02.   Brazil
03.   Cambodia
04.   Cook Islands
05.   Djibouti
06.   Fiji
07.   Finland
08.   Germany
09.   Indonesia
10.   Israel
11.   Japan
12.   Jordan
13.   Kenya
14.   Kiribati
15.   Laos PDR
16.   Luxembourg
17.   Marshall Islands
18.   Mauritius
19.   Mexico
20.   Micronesia
21.   Myanmar
22.   Nauru
23.   New Zealand
24.   Niue
25.   Norway
26.   Oman
27.   Palau
28.   Palestine
29.   Papua New Guinea
30.   Philippines
31.   Republic of Korea
32.   Russia
33.   Samoa
34.   Singapore
35.   Solomon Islands
36.   Thailand
37.   Tonga
38.   Tuvalu
39.   UAE
40.   Ukraine
41.   United States of America
42.   Vanuatu
43.   Vietnam


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