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Yoga Day Lecture on 16 March 2017

 In addition to the regular practical classes at Ashgabat Yoga Centre (Bakhtyarlyk Sports Complex), a series of lectures have been started by the Yoga Teacher Shri R.R.Panigrahi to enlighten the students in different yoga related subjects. Accordingly, on 16.03.2017, there were two lectures. One was ‘Concept of Yoga’ - for newly admitted students for the month of March, 2017 and the other lecture was on ‘Yogic Concept of Body & Disease and Its Remedy in Yoga’. This was for all students. There were around 200 students present in the class. 

There were 3 parts in this lecture. 1) The concept of Pancha Kosa (five layered existence of body) was given, namely, Annamaya Kosa (Physical Sheath), Pranamaya Kosa(Vital Sheath), Manomaya Kosa(Mental Sheath), Vijnanamaya Kosa(Sheath of Knowledge/Wisdom) and Anandamaya Kosa(Sheath of Bliss).

2) Concept of Disease, i.e., Physical and Mental were given. However, Yoga has some better solution while dealing with psycho-somatic disease. The main concentration was how the disease starts in mind and finally percolates to physical body where it shows as the symptom.

3) The systematic solution in dealing with psycho-somatic disease is to take care of all the 5 Kosas. It is Integrated Approach of Yoga Therapy. Though the symptom is in physical level, we have to take care of all other levels such as Pranic, Mental, Intellectual and Spiritual level.
Lecture had good audience and there were many questions from the audience. 

Yoga Day Lecture on 16.03.2017 (Session 1)

Yoga Day Lecture on 16.03.2017 (Session 2)

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