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Economic Indicators

Some facts about India
Area 3.3 million sq. kms.
Population 1.27 billion (Census 2012-14)
GDP in PPP terms US$ 1013.63 billion (2012)
Growth rate 6.0% (2013-14)
Foreign Exchange Reserves $313.83 billion (May 9, 2014)
FDI during (April '14 – Nov. '14) US$27,401 million
Exports (September 2014) US$28903.28 million
Imports (September 2014) US$43150.70 million
Foreign Exchange Reserves (excluding gold and SDRs)Largest producer of tea US$ 23.45 billion (January 2015)
Largest producer of milk 90 million tons per year
Livestock 21% of world’s livestock
Largest producer of bananas and second largest producer of fruit and vegetables Largest producer of cement.
India is the only fast developing country with space programme, deep sea mining programme, a base in Antarctica and a producer of supercomputers.


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