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Consular Wing  


Vide Government of India's Gazette Notification No.25024/9/2014-F.I dated 09.01.2015, the PIO Scheme has been withdrawn.
It is intimated that vide Gazette Notification No.26011/01/2014-IC.I dated 09.01.2015, all PIO Cards issued till 09.01.2015 are deemed to be OCI Card.  Consequently, no PIO Card will be issued w.e.f. 09.01.2015. All PIO applications received before 09.01.2015 and pending with the Embassy would be returned to the applicants, and such applicants are requested to apply for OCI card on the same fee prescribed for PIO card. All PIO Card applications received after 09.01.2015 will be returned to the applicants, as PIO Card scheme no longer exists.

Request for conversion of PIO card to OCI card after the expiry of current deadline of 31 December 2017 will attract a fee of US$ 275/- and will NOT be a gratis (free) service anymore.   The handwritten PIO cards will be refused entry at the Indian immigration counters after October/November, 2018.

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