Government of India IT Project trains 3878 Maldivian Teachers and Youths

Since the Government of India funded US $ 5.30 million Technology Adoption Project in Maldives was launched on 15 June 2011 in Male, 3878 Maldivian Teachers and Students have completed the course and got certified under the project in the last 20 months, with an average of 194 certifications per month. The project called "Technology for the Future of Next Gen", focuses on improving the quality of Maldivian teachers by providing IT-enabled teaching skills and promoting ICT adoption amongst youth by providing them access to IT and vocational education. The project aims to provide ICT training to 2880 teachers, 1600 youths and vocational training to another 800 youths over two year period.

Some of the courses conducted under the project completely funded by the Government of India under its comprehensive bilateral developmental assistance programme to Maldives include Computer Aided Learning, Learning Creation using ICT tools, Tools for Assessment and Collaboration, Designing E-Learning, Website Development using Flash and Dreamweaver, Digital Interactive Multimedia, Digital Printing and Publishing, Network Support, Programming websites and applications, Software Development and Testing.

Till now a total of 205 Batches of Teacher and Youth Trainings have been conducted across 26 islands of Maldives. All courses have been accredited by Maldives Qualification Authority(MQA). Teachers training course were held in 23 Teacher Training Centres, namely R.Meedhoo, Hdh. Kulhudhufushi, Dhidhdhoo, Fuvahmulakh, G.Laamu, Mahibadhoo, Hinnavaru, Nilandhoo, Rasdhoo, Komandhoo, Makunnadhoo, Mamigilli, Ungoofaru, Ihavandhoo, Nellaidhoo, Huludhoo, Vaikaradhoo, Kudahuvadhoo, Nolihivaramfaru Milandhoo, Kurinbhi, Kumundhoo, , Dhuvafaru.

Youths were trained in 20 Youth Training Centres : 12 IT Training Centres at Fuvahmulakh, Dhidhdhoo, Mahibhadhoo, Nilandhoo, Hinnavaru, Rashdhoo, Milandhoo, Vaikaraidhoo, Kudahuvadhoo, Ihavandhoo, Komandhoo, Nolihivaramfaru and 8 Vocational Training Centres at Dhidhdhoo, Favahmulakh, Mahibadhoo, R.Alifushi, R.Meedhoo, Rashdhoo, Nilandhoo, Ihavandhoo.

All the participants of the training programme have been highly appreciative of the courses covered under the project, which is aimed at education capacity building to promote technology adoption in Republic of Maldives. In fact, the local government authorities have underlined that crime rates in the islands where the project was implemented, saw a drastic reduction to the tune of 80-90%. The technology project which is yet another shining example of India-Maldives development partnership is expected to conclude in June 2013.

04 March 2013

High Commission of India Kampala, Uganda