Current Journals

Ministry of External Affairs Library
New Delhi


S. No.Name of Journals/PeriodicalsWebsite
01.Adelphi Papers (The)
02.Africa Today
03.African Affairs: Journal of Royal African Society
04.Agni  Studies in International Strategic Issues
06.American Foreign Policy Interests
07.American Journal of International Law
08.Asian Affairs
09.Asian Survey
10.Australian Journal of International Affairs
11.Biblio: a review of books
12.British Journal of Politics and International Relations
13.Bulletin of the Atomic
14.Business India: The Magazine of the Corporate World
15.China Economic Journal (The)
16.China Quarterly (The)
17.China Report: A Journal of East Asian Studies
18.China: An International Journal
19.Chinese Journal of International Politics (The)
20.Columbia Journal of Transnational Law
21.Communist and Post – Communist Studies
22.Comparative Political Studies
23.Contemporary Security Policy
24.Contemporary South Asia
25.Current History
26.Defence & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy
28.Denver Journal of International Law and Policy
30.Diplomacy and Statecraft
31.Diplomatic History
32.East European Politics and Societies
33.Economic & Political Weekly
35.Employment News
36.European Journal of International Law
37.European Journal of International Relations
38.Europe-Asia Studies
40.Focus WTO: A news & views Magazine
41.Foreign Affairs
42.Foreign Policy
43.Foreign Policy Analysis
44.Foreign Trade Review
47.Harvard International Law Journal
48.Himal South Asian
49.IASLIC Bulletin
50.IASLIC Newsletter
51.ICWA Foreign Affairs Reports 
52.IFLA Journal
53.ILA Newsletter
54.India International Centre Quarterly
55.India Quarterly
56.India Today (English)
57.India Today (Hindi)
58.Indian Journal of International Law
59.Indian Journal of Public Administration (The) 
60.Information Outlook
61.Information Technology and Libraries
62.Inside Outside
63.Intelligence and National Security
64.International Affairs (UK)
65.International and Comparative Law Quarterly
66.International Journal
67.International Journal of Middle East Studies
68.International Journal of Refugee Law
69.International Legal Materials
70.International Organization
71.International Political Sociology
72.International Relations
73.International Relations of the Asia Pacific
74.International Security
75.International Studies
76.International Studies Perspectives
77.International Studies Quarterly
78.International Studies Review
79.Israel Affairs
80.IUP Journal of International Relations (The)
81.Journal of Asian Studies (The)
82.Journal of Conflict Resolution
83.Journal of Defence Studies
84.Journal of Environmental Law
85.Journal of Indian Library Association
86.Journal of Indian Ocean Studies
87.Journal of International Affairs
88.Journal of International Relations and Development
89.Journal of Library & Information Communication Technology 
90.Journal of Library Management 
91.Journal of Modern African Studies (The)
92.Journal of Palestine Studies
93.Journal of Peace Research
94.Journal of Peace Studies
95.Journal of Southeast Asian Studies
96.Journal of Strategic Studies (The)
97.Journal of Third World Studies
98.Journal of World Trade
99.Journals of Contemporary China
100.Latin American Research Review
101.Library Herald 
102.Library Resources and Technical Services
104.Man and Development
105.Mediterranean Quarterly
106.Middle East (The) 
107.Middle East Journal (The)
108.Military Balance (The)
109.Millennium Journal of Internal Studies
110.Modern Asian Studies
111.Monthly Commentary on Indian Economic Conditions 
112.Nam Today : An International Journal of Non-Aligned Movement 
113.National Geographic
114.New Left Review
115.New Yorker (The)
118.Ocean Development & International Law
119.Orbis: A Journal of World Affairs
121.Pacific Affairs
122.Parliamentary Affairs
123.PC Quest
124.Political Quarterly (The)
125.Race & Class
126.Reader’s Digest
127.Review of International Affairs
128.Review of International Studies
129.Review of Middle East Studies
130.Round Table (The)
131.Security Dialogue
133.South East Asian Review
134.Spectator (The)
135.Stanford Journal of International Law
137.Strategic Analysis
138.Strategic Digest
139.Strategic Survey
140.Studies in Conflict & Terrorism
142.Terrorism and Political Violence
143.Texas International Law Journal
144.Third World Quarterly
145.Tibetan Review
147.UN Chronicle
148.USI Journal
149.Virginia Journal of International Law
150.Washington Quarterly (The)
151.Week (The)
152.World Affairs: A Journal of International Issues
153.World Focus
154.World Policy Journal
155.World Politics


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