Online Journals

List of Online Journals/Periodicals for the Year 2018
Print + Online Journals

S. No.Name of Journal/PeriodicalsWeb address
 Sage Journals: 
1.China Report
2.Foreign Trade Review*
3.India Quarterly : A Journal of International
4.International Relations
5.Journal of Conflict Resolution
6.Journal of Peace Research
7.Millennium: Journal of International Studieshttp://mil.sagepub/
8.Political Studies
9.Politics, Philosophy & Economics
10.Race & Classhttp://Rac.sagepub/
11.Security Dialogue
 Taylor & Francis: 
12.Adelphi Papers
13.Asian Affairs
14.Australian Journal of International Affairs
15.ChinaEconomic Journal
16.Contemporary Security Policy
17.Contemporary South Asia
18.EuropeAsia Studies
19.Israel Affairs
20.Journalof Contemporary China
21.Ocean Development & International Law
22.Strategic Analysis
23.Strategic Comments
24.Strategic Survey
25.Studiesin Conflict & Terrorism

27.Terrorism and Political Violence
28.The Journal of Strategic Studies
29.The Military Balance
30.Third World Quarterly
31.Third World Thematics - A TWQ Journal
32.Washington Quarterly
 Cambridge Journals: 
33.American Journal of International Law
34.European Journal of International Security
35.International and Comparative Law Quarterly
36.Review of International Studies
37.The China Quarterly
38.The Journal of Modern African Studies
 Elsevier Journals 
39.Communist and Post-Communist Studies
 Other Publishers 
41.Africa Today
42.Economic &Political Weekly
44.Foreign Affairs
45.Foreign Policy
46.International Security
47.Virginia Journal of International Law
48.World Affairs: The Journal of International Issues
49.African Affairs
50.The Chinese Journal of International Politics
51.Diplomatic History
52.European Journal of International Law
53.International Journal of Refugee Law
54.Journal of Environmental Law
55.Parliamentary Affairs
56.British Journal of Politics and International Relations
57.Foreign Policy Analysis
58.International Affairs
59.International Political Sociology
60.International Studies Perspectives
61.International Studies Review
62.International Studies Quarterly
63.Journalof Global Security Studies
64.International relations of the Asia Pacific

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