Statement by India during the thematic debate on Disarmament Machinery at the First Committee of the UN General Assembly, New York, October 2023

Mr Chairperson,

The United Nations, in accordance with the UN charter, has a central role and the primary responsibility in the context of international peace and security.

India is committed to multilateralism and the ideals enshrined in the UN Charter. A reformed and effective United Nations, we believe, is essential for it to successfully discharge its mandatory functions.

India attaches high priority to the work of the UN disarmament machinery as laid out by the SSOD-1, with the triad comprising of the Conference on Disarmament, the First Committee and the UN Disarmament Commission, which continue to be the ideal forums for deliberation and negotiations on matters related to disarmamentand international security.

Mr. Chairperson,

India accords importance to the Conference on Disarmament as the world’s single disarmament negotiating forum.

The CD has the mandate, membership and rules for negotiating legally-binding instruments on the core items under its Agenda.

Despite the best efforts, the CD, as we know, has not been able to adopt a Programme of Work in its recent past. We believe that instead of questioning the relevance and effectiveness of the CD, States must demonstrate political will and focus their efforts on the CD’s negotiating mandate.

India, on its part, has expressed its readiness and commitment to work with other Member States on all core items on the CD’s Agenda, including a Fissile Material Cut-Off Treaty (FMCT) on the basis of CD/1299 and the mandate contained therein.

Mr. Chairperson,

India is pleased that the Disarmament Commission this year was able to successfully adopt consensus recommendations to promote the practical implementation of TCBMs in outer space.

As the main deliberative body within the UN on disarmament issues, the Commission’s role as a platform for dialogue and cooperation, bringing together universal membership of all Member States cannot be understated.

The Commission has made several important achievements in its past, having successfully adopted several notable guidelines and recommendations.

India attaches high importance to the UNDC’s work and looks forward to its discussions, as it commences a new cycle next year.

Mr. Chairperson,

India also looks forward to the convening of the SSOD–IV. We believe that itcan be a useful opportunity to take stock of the progress made in the disarmament machinery and to look at ways to further revitalize it.

India also values the important efforts and publications by UNIDIR in various areas of its work.

India’s annual Disarmament and International Security Affairs fellowship reflects the importance we attach to promoting disarmament education. Earlier this year, India held the 3rd iteration of the Fellowship in whichyoung diplomats from 30 countries attended the programme

Mr. Chairperson,

The First Committee ismandated by the SSOD-1 to deal with the questions relating to international peace and security. It is an important platform that brings together all UN Member States.

India hopes that our work this year at the First Committee will further contribute to the disarmament machinery in its pursuit of collective solutions on matters related to disarmament and international security.

India stands ready to contribute to this process and work with fellow member States in our collective endeavour to safeguard global peace and security.

I thank you.

Permanent Mission of India to the Conference on Disarmament, Geneva