About ICC

ABOUT INIDAN CULTURAL CENTRE: The establishment and objectives of the Indian Cultural Centre (ICC) in Malé, aimed at strengthening cultural ties between India and Maldives.

1. Background: India and Maldives share deep-rooted cultural connections, with ongoing efforts dedicated to bolstering these ties. Notably, regular exchange programs involving cultural troupes have been established between the two nations.

2. Establishment: The inauguration of the Indian Cultural Centre in Malé on July 28, 2011, marked a significant milestone in fostering bilateral cultural exchanges. The primary aim of this initiative was to deepen Maldivians' understanding of Indian culture. Over a span of two years, the ICC has evolved into a distinguished institution, particularly renowned for its contributions to performing arts in Malé.

3. Activities and Outreach: The ICC has rapidly expanded its scope of activities, both within Malé and beyond. Notably, it has facilitated the exchange of artists between India and Maldives, thereby enriching cultural interactions. Its endeavors have garnered widespread appreciation from the Maldivian populace, owing to its unique approach in delivering cultural substance.

4. Objectives:

a. Enhancing Cultural Relations: The ICC strives to enhance cultural relations and mutual understanding between India and Maldives.

b. Promoting Bilateral Relations: Through a diverse range of cultural activities, the ICC aims to promote bilateral relations between the two countries.

c. Cultural Heritage Awareness: It endeavors to create awareness of India's rich cultural heritage among the people of Maldives.

d. Fostering People-to-People Relations: The ICC seeks to foster deeper people-to-people relations through cultural exchanges and initiatives.

In conclusion, the Indian Cultural Centre in Malé serves as a pivotal platform for nurturing cultural ties between India and Maldives, with a focus on promoting mutual understanding, bilateral relations, cultural heritage awareness, and people-to-people interactions.

High Commission of India Male, Maldives