About ICC

India and Maldives share long cultural links and continuous efforts are underway to further strengthen of these linkages. In this regard, exchange of cultural troupes took place regularly between India and Maldives. The opening of the Indian Cultural Centre in Malé was a major step in promoting the bilateral cultural exchanges. Inaugurated on 28th July 2011, with the primary objective of enhancing a better understanding of Indian culture among Maldivians, the India Cultural Centre has emerged as a unique institution enjoying a prestigious position as a place of performing arts in Malé, in a short span of just two years. The Centre has undergone a rapid expansion in its various activities and outreach, both within Malé and beyond. ICC has also promoted the visit of Maldivian artists to India and similarly encouraged cultural delegations from India to visit Maldives on several occasions. Since its inception, the Centre has won the hearts of many Maldivians, by delivering the substance in a unique style. The Cultural Centre is undertaking all efforts to sustain the tempo of its regular activities for the benefit of Maldivians.

The main objectives of the ICC are as follows:

  • Enhancing cultural Relations and mutual understanding between India and Maldives.
  • Promoting bilateral relations through cultural activities
  • Creating awareness of India's cultural heritage among the people of Maldives.
  • Fostering people-to-people relations through culture.


High Commission of India Male, Maldives