Local Media Articles on India 2015

(01.12.2015 to 31.12.2015)

Sl.No.DescriptionDateMedia Outlet
1.India Related News From Maldivian Sources
a.Maldives, India to boost defence ties02.12.2015Haveeru online News
b.India names new representative to Maldives15.12.2015Haveeru Online News
c.India grants over $240k to setup aviation facilities in Maldives20.12.2015Haveeru online News
d.India to begin Maldives police academy construction next year23.12.2015Haveeru Online News
e.President: India our closest partner in diplomatic, political relations28.12.2015Sun Online News
f.Yameen lauds India’s “Neighbourhood First” policy09.12.2015Maldives Independent News
g.Akhilesh Mishra appointed as High Commissioner to Maldives16.12.2015Miadhu News
h.India has Granted US $ 247,471 for construction of hangar and aviation facilities at the Kadhdhoo Airport20.12.2015Miadhu News
i.Indian High Commissioner made farewell call on the President of Maldives, Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom28.12.2015Miadhu News
j.India has been our closest partner in terms of diplomatic and political relations - President Yameen28.12.2015Miadhu News
 India Related News From Indian Sources
a.India's economy grows 7.4 percent, outperforms China: govt – AFP/ 01.12.2015


Sl. No.ArticleDateNews Sources
a.India will always assist Maldivian security: Ambassador04.11.2015Miadhu News
b.ACC probes award of Hulhumalé road construction project to Indian company09.11.2015Sun Online News
c.Maldives hospital inks deal with Indian company to setup cardiac centre15.11.2015Haveeru online News
d.Maldives says no pro-China stand, all ties important17.11.2015Haveeru Online News
e.Maldives says ready to welcome Modi anytime21.11.2015Haveeru online News
f.Maldives top diplomat in India to boost ties21.11.2015Haveeru Online News
g.Maldives again secures India's backing amid political turmoil22.11.2015Haveeru Online News
h.Maldives foreign minister in India amidst continuing scrutiny22.11.2015MaldivesIndependent News
i.India Maldives will not be disrupted: Minister Dunya23.11.2015Miadhu News
j.India bank to loan $30 mln for Maldives housing26.11.2015Haveeru Online News
k.India-Maldives ties shall attain a significant landmark in November this year- Indian High Commissioner30.11.2015Miadhu News
l.Indian navy gifts gym equipment to MNDF21.11.2015CNM News
m.Tata flats to be completed within two months23.11.2015CNM News
n.Chinese investment in Maldives should not worry India: Dunya23.11.2015CNM News

October, 2015

Sl. No.ArticleDateNews Sources
a.Maldives, India discuss boosting ties ahead of golden jubilee01.10.2015Haveeru online News
b.Top Indian diplomat to visit Maldives next week: reports04.10.2015Haveeru online News
c.Top Indian diplomat to visit the Maldives05.10.2015MaldivesIndependent News
d.India pushes for local solution over jailed Maldives ex-pres08.10.2015Haveeru News
e.Maldives, India top diplomats to meet on Saturday08.10.2015MaldivesIndependent News
f.Time to ramp up ties, India tells Maldives09.10.2105Haveeru News
g.Indian Minister of External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj arrives in the Maldives10.10.2015Sun Online News
h.Top Indian diplomat meets Maldives president11.10.2015Haveeru News
i.Pres says 'India first' as Maldives, India look to ink trade pacts11.10.2015Haveeru News
j.The Maldives and India signs two MoU11.10.2015Sun Online News
k.Indian Minister of External Affairs meets with the MDP PG leader11.10.2015Sun Online News
l.Indian external affairs minister calls on President Yameen11.10.2015MaldivesIndependent  News
m.Warm welcome for Indian Foreign Minister11.10.2015Miadhu News
n.Sushma calls on Indian community in Maldives to serve to the best of their abilities11.10.2015Miadhu News
o.Foreign Minister Dunya holds a one-to-one meeting with the External Affairs Minister of India11.10/2015Miadhu News
p.India attaining success globally: Minister Sushma11.10.2015Miadhu News
q.India to provide assistance in all areas: Sushma Swaraj12.10.2015Miadhu News
r.India to promote Maldivian tourism13.10.2015Miadhu News
s.Maldives opposition seeks India's help in jailed leader's release20.10.2015Haveeru News
t.India-Maldives to sign Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty in Criminal Matters22.10.2015Sun Online News
u.Maldives says ties with 'unwavering ally' India central to development29.10.2015Haveeru News
v.Maldives says India impartial on ex-pres jailing29.10.2015Haveeru News
w.Indian consortium awarded US$40m road construction project31.10.2015MaldivesIndependent  News

September, 2015

Sl. No.ArticleDateNews Sources
a.Maldives-India shares an 'unbreakable' bond, president says02.09.2015Haveeru online News
b.President thanks India for assistance02.09.2015Sun Online News
c.India helps evacuate Maldivian student from Yemen07.09.2015Sun Online News
d.Maldives, India mark 50 years of relations with food festival08.09.2015Haveeru online News
e.India taste- Bollyfood festival starts in Hotel Jen08.09.2015Miadhu News
f.Maldives hosts Media FAM trip for Indian Media11.09.2015Miadhu News
g.Aminath Abdu Rasheed wins India taste cooking challenge14.09.2015Miadhu News
h.Indian Food Festival crowns winning chef14.09.2015Haveeru News
i.Maldives, India wrap up annual joint military exercise15.09.2015Haveeru News
j.India hands over Kadhdhoo radar system to MNDF24.09.2015Sun online News
k.India extends greetings of Eid to Maldivians24.09.2015Miadhu News
l.Shahare guarantees a numbers of investors from India27.09.2015Sun Online News
m.Maldives seeks more trade, investment from 'loyal ally' India28.09.2015Haveeru News
n.Vice president extols friendship with India and China28.09.2015MaldivesIndependent New
o.Will take part in SEZ development: India28.09.2015Miadhu News
p.Indian PM first offered assistance: Minister Shareef29.09.2015Miadhu News
q.Indian experts in Maldives to help pres' boat blast probe30.09.2015Haveeru News
r.Indian forensic team has arrived in Malé30.09.2015Sun Online News

August, 2015

Sl. No.ArticleDateNews Sources
a.Top Indian chefs to conduct workshops as Maldives, India mark 50 years of relations20.08.2015Haveeru online News
b.India completes first phase of Maldives radar network24.08.2015Haveeru online News
c.IGMH service revamp: a breath of fresh air25.08.2015Haveeru News
d.India-Maldives military training exercise to begin Monday29.08.2015Haveeru News
e.India, Maldives joint military drill "Ekuverin 6" to take place in Trivandrum30.08.2015Raajje News

July, 2015

Sl. No.ArticleDateNews Sources
a.India grants 41 scholarships to local students01.07.2015Haveeru News
b.India-Maldives golden jubilee celebrated with food festival09.07.2015Haveeru News
c.India: The people of the two countries have a friendly relationship26.07.2015Sun online News
d.China says India needn't worry about Chinese military presence in Maldives26.07.2015Raajje News
e.Queen Elizabeth and PM Modi sends Independence Day greetings26.07.2015Raajje News
f.China, India, UK congratulate Maldives on Golden Jubilee of Independence26.07.2015Miadhu News
g.Ex-president known as father of Indian missile program dies27.07.2015Sun online News
h.President conveys his condolences to the President and Prime Minister of India28.07.2015Raajee News
i.'Abdul Kalam, a close friend to Maldives'28.07.2015Haveeru News
j.Indian High Commission opens Book of Condolence for former President Abdul Kalam29.07.2015Sun online News
k.Former President Kalam buried in southern India30.07.2015Sun online News
l.Commonwealth expresses concern over membership withdrawal30.07.2015Haveeru News


Sl. No.ArticleDateNews Sources
a.Government disappointed by progress on housing units 12.05.2015Haveeru Online News
b.India's Modi says progress made with China on thorny issues 16.05.2015Sun News
c.Indian High Commission announces activities ahead of Int’l Day of Yoga29.05.2015Raajje News

April, 2015

Sl. No.ArticleDateNews Sources
a.India expresses interest in building hospital in Addu01.04.2015Haveeru News
b.Maldivian Government has removed “hurdles and road bumps” for India04.04.2015Raajje News
c.Maldivians in Yemen evacuated through India’s Operation Raahat06.04.2015Raajje News
d.Minister Dunya meets with student evacuated from Yemen08.04.2015Raajje News
e.India steeply increases aid to Maldives08.04.2015Minivan News

March, 2015

Sl. No.ArticleDateNews Sources
a.India, UK politicians continue to voice concern over Nasheed’s imprisonment18.03.2015Minivan News
b.Nasheed’s wife seeks India’s help in assuring opposition leader’s safety21.03.2015Minivan News
c.Indian High Commissioner calls on President Gayoom22.03.2015Raajje News
d.Indian High Commissioner former President Gayoom23.03.2015Haveeru News
e.Maldivian team leaves to India to research the roots of the Maldivian language27.03.2015Sun online News
f.India keep on participating in SEZs28.03.2015Haveeru News
g.India: We truly look forward to participating in Special Economic Zone28.03.2015Sun Oneline News



ArticleDateMedia Outlet
MDP MP appeals for Indian pressure to release Nasheed25.04.2015Minivan News
President thanks India for the immense help India provides to Maldivian Military30.04.2015Miadhu News
Maldivians in Yemen evacuated through India’s Operation Raahat06.04.2015Raajje News
Indian High Commissioner calls on President Gayoom22.03.2015Raajje News
India steeply increases aid to Maldives08.04.2015Minivan News
India expresses interest in building hospital in Addu01.04.2015Haveeru News
Maldivian team leaves to India to research the roots of the Maldivian language27.03.2015Sun online News
India: We truly look forward to participating in Special Economic Zone28.03.2015Sun Oneline News
India helps evacuate Maldivian student from Yemen07.09.2015Sun Online News
Indian navy ship Gomati arrives in Maldives12.03.2015Minivan News
IHC holds cultural art exhibition in Malé27.01.2015Haveeru
IHC plans Health and Wellness events for February03.02.2015Haveeru News
India, Maldives have shared dreams: Modi07.02.2015Haveeru News
Minister Dhunya meets Minister Swaraj in Delhi15.02.2015Haveeru News
Indian Prime Minister to visit Maldives in March18.02.2015Haveeru News
Prime Minister Modi to make state visit on 15th of March22.02.2015Haveeru News
Discussion ongoing on PM Modi visit: Foreign Minister24.02.2015Haveeru News
Indian High Commission holds cancer screening camps03.02.2015Minivan News
India rejects “baseless” media claims regarding defence cooperation12.02.2015Minivan News
President Maumoon to call on PM Modi03.02.2015Raajje News
Indian Navy flight joins search for missing crew members of capsized landing craft14.02.2015Raajje News
Minister Dunya meets with India's Minister of External Affairs16.02.2015Raajje News
Foreign Minister meets with Indian External Affairs Minister15.02.2015Sun News
Indian PM to visit Maldives on 15 March22.02.2015Sun News
IHC organizing Bollywood themed shows for 50th anniversary11.01.2015Haveeru
'Ticket to Bollywood' gathers momentum20.01.2015Haveeru News
India-Maldives Film Festival kicks off21.01.2015Haveeru News
India-Maldives Film Festival launched21.01.2015Minivan News
Various events to be held to mark 50 years of friendship between India and Maldives11.01.2015Raajje News
IHC introduces logo for India-Maldives golden jubilee celebrations13.11.2015Raajje News
Indian High Commission trying for early release of Rubeena13.01.2015Raajje News
Rajeev Sahare briefs Foreign Minster on India-Maldives Golden Jubilee celebrations18.01.2015Raajje News
Indian aircraft arrives to ease Malé water crisis05.12.2014Minivan News
5,530 trained in Maldives’ largest ever ICT programme04.12.2014Minivan News
India’s National Security Advisor meets President03.12.2014Sun News
India to supply water to Male' City05.12.2014Haveeru News
India supplies 50 tonnes of water05.12.2014Haveeru News
India to assist Maldives in oil exploration29.11.2014Haveeru News
Indian Assistance continues to solve Water Shortage in Maldives06.12.2014Miadhu News
India will assist in providing fresh water till the Maldives water crisis is resolved06.12.2014Miadhu News
Indian Air Force’s largest aircraft reaches Maldives carrying fresh water06.12.2014Miadhu News
INS Sukanya transport 50 Tonnes of fresh water supply to Male’06.12.2014Miadhu News
Indian Aircraft arrived Maldives with Water05.12.2014Miadhu News
Capacity building shall remain the cornerstone of our bilateral relationship – India05.12.2014Miadhu News
Indian Security Advisor meets Pres Yamin03.12.2014Raajjee News
Indian Airforce planes arrive with water05.12.2014Raajje News
FAIM to mark “India-Maldives Friendship DayNovember 30,2014Miadhu News
Our relationship will continue to expand and strengthen further- Indian PresidentNovember 11,2014Miadhu News
'Official statements confirm India held talks on MSR,' says Foreign MinistryNovember 11,2014Haveeru News
Chinese documents show silk route was discussed with India: Foreign ministryNovember 11,2014Minivan News
New Maritime Silk Route was not discussed during recent visit of China’s President- India  November 10,2014Miadhu News
Indian High Commission Statement denies Indian involvement in MSR project  November 08,2014Sun News
India did not discuss joining MSR: Indian governmentNovember 08,2014Haveeru News
Indian Fm Ms. Sushma Swaraj Meets Fm Dunya MaumoonNovember 04,2014Miadhu News
India will always help maintain peace and stability in the Maldives, assured MEA Sushma SwarajNovember 04,2014Haveeru News
Minister of External Affairs of India: India committed to security and stability of MaldivesNovember 03,2014Sun News
Indian External Minister makes a stop in GanNovember 02,2014Haveeru News
India: Efforts ongoing to revert to earlier system of getting specialistsNovember 02,2014Sun News
India and Maldives enjoys a very close relationship- Rajeev SahareNovember 02,2014Miadhu News
Indian External Affairs Minister transits in GanNovember 02,2014Miadhu News
India works to strengthen SAARC- Rajeev Sahare  November 02,2014Miadhu News
Celebrations Golden Jubilee of India-Maldives Diplomatic Relations inaugurated  November 02,2014Miadhu News
Securing the safety of maritime area is very important for the three countries- India  October 30,2014Miadhu News
Joint ‘DOSTI’ Exercise by Indian Coastguard with Maldives and Sri Lanka  October 28,2014Miadhu News
Coastguard to conduct joint military exercise with India, Sri LankaOctober 28,2014Minivan News
Parliament approves Ahmed Mohamed as Ambassador to IndiaOctober 27,2014Sun News
Indian High Commissioner extends Eidul Adha greetingsOctober 05, 2014Miadhu
Indian experts to hold training sessions for teachers of students with special needsSeptember 30, 2014Miadhu
Indian HC facilitates a training for 26 teachers on special needs educationSeptember 29, 2014Miadhu
Indian High Commission donates MVR 125,000 to ARCSeptember 29, 2014Haveeru
Indian High Commission donates MVR 125,000 to ARCSeptember 28, 2014Sun News
Indian Naval Ship visits Maldives for joint exercise with MNDFSeptember 28, 2014Minivan
Indian PM Narendra Modi unveiled the “Make in India” campaignSeptember 26, 2014Miadhu
India will give full cooperation to strengthen ties- Rajeev Shahare  September 17, 2014Miadhu
Indian high commission welcomes renegotiation of TATA housing deal September 14, 2014Minivan
Housing minister hopes to sign amended TATA contract next weekSeptember 9, 2014Minivan
Maldivians students studying in India to be taught Islam and Dhivehi  September 9, 2014Miadhu
Tata to sign revised agreement next week: MuizzuSeptember 8, 2014Haveeru
Indian Cultural Centre in Malé celebrated 3rd AnniversaryAugust 18, 2014Miadhu News
President Yameen, MDP sends Independence Day felicitations to IndiaAugust 16, 2014Minivan News
High Commission celebrates India’s Independence Day with flag-hoisting ceremonyAugust 16, 2014Minivan News
India celebrates Independence Day in MaldivesAugust 16, 2014Haveeru Online
68th Indian Independence Day Celebrations Started in MaldivesAugust 15, 2014Miadhu News
India-Maldives Friendship Association to conduct seminar on expatriate workersAugust 13, 2014Minivan News
President to free four Indians from Maldives prisonAugust 6, 2014Sun Online
President receives Independence Day greetings from ‎foreign leadersAugust 4, 2014Miadhu News
Cricket tournament held to celebrate India-Maldives friendshipAugust 3, 2014Minivan News
India – Maldives Friendship Festival kicks offJuly 30, 2014Minivan News
India-Maldives Friendship Festival underwayJuly 29, 2014Sun Online
Maldivian Students met Indian High CommissionerJuly 27, 2014Miadhu News
India-Maldives ties shall attain a significant landmark in November this year- Indian High CommissionerJuly 27, 2014Miadhu News

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