Fresh passport for newborns

Fresh passport for newborns

Before applying for the passport for a new born child, the parents should register the birth of the child by following the procedure given under the section BIRTH CERTIFICATE ( and then proceed as follows:


  • Fill up the online application from  
  • Print the filled application form and submit in person (Either of the parent with the passport of both parents) at the High Commission of India along with following supporting documents.


Supporting Documents required:

  • Birth certificate issued by the High Commission of India along with a photocopy.
  • Marriage certificate of parents with a photocopy.
  • Birth Certificate and Marriage certificate, if issued by government of Maldives, must be notarized/ authenticated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  Maldives.
  • For marriage certificate issued in India, it should be notarized by Ministry of External Affairs, Patiala House New Delhi. If marriage certificate is not available or not attested from MEA, names of parents must be present in each other’s passports.
  • Current passports of parents along with photocopies/ Work Permit Card and copies
  • Photograph of the baby as per specifications (Click here )
  • parent’s consent in Annexure-C  or Annexure-D  as is appropriate.


Note: Please affix child's thumb impression (left for boy and right for girl) in the appropriate column and Declaration in the passport form to be signed by both the parents.

Fees : MVR 810/-

Processing tim : Approximately 30 days

High Commission of India Male, Maldives