Emergency Certificate

Issue of Emergency Certificate for one-way travel to India
Fee - SP.350*

Requirements for issue of an Emergency Certificate for one-way travel to India in case of non-availability of a valid Passport with the applicant and where a new passport cannot be issued immediately:-

   1. Emergency Certificate Form (Form 11)
   2. Letter from sponsor.
   3. Affidavit regarding Nationality
   4. Proof of Identity / Passport copy / Driving License or PAN Card or Election ID Card, etc.
   5. Four ( 4 ) Identical recent passport size coloured photographs

Note: All fees are to be paid in Syrian Pounds in Cash at the Counter along with application.  Fees once paid is not refunded, even if the application is withdrawn or the service refused for whatsoever reason.
(** An additional fee of SP 100 would be levied on all services rendered)

Embassy of India Damascus, Syria