Passport/ Miscellaneous Services Application Forms

Passport Application Form (Form 1)
Passport Application Form (Form 1, Hindi)
Application Form for Miscellaneous Services (Form 2)
Application Form for Miscellaneous Services (Form 2, Hindi)
Personal Particulars Form (Form 3)
Application Form for Emergency Certificate (Form 4)
Affidavit of Not Acquiring any Other Nationality
Affidavit 1Late Passport Submission
Affidavit 2ADeclaration of Parents for Separate Passport in Favour of Minor Child.
Affidavit 2BPassport for Minor Child when the consent/signature of the other parent is not available.
Affidavit 2C1Passport for child when one of the parents is not an Indian National (by the Indian Parent).
Affidavit 2C2Passport for Child when one of the Parents is not Indian National (by the non-Indian Parent).
Affidavit 4Change of Maiden Name
Affidavit 5Change of Name
Check List of Documents for Re-issue of Passport.
Check List of Documents for Birth Registration and Issue of Passport for Minor.


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