Press Release Maritime Silk Route

In light of the media reports on recent discussions in the People’s Majlis on the modern Maritime Silk Route (MSR) where, inter-alia, India’s position on MSR was also discussed, reproduced below is a clarificatory statement made by the Official Spokesperson of the External Affairs Ministry of the Government of India, in response to a question raised at a recent press briefing held on November 6, at New Delhi:

Question:Sir, there were some reports saying that India does not have any objections to the maritime silk route which China has proposed. When the Chinese President came in September, was there any discussion on India joining the maritime silk route, and what is India’s position if there was a discussion?

Official Spokesperson: I have mentioned previously and let me clarify that re-emergence of traditional routes is a process that is reflective of ongoing trade, commerce and sharing of ideas. Whether it is the silk route, or it is the spice route, or it is the mausam route, this is an ongoing process.

That said, as regards the new silk route that you are talking of, this matter was neither raised, nor discussed, nor is it reflected in any of the outcomes of the visit of President Xi Jinping to India. I hope that clarifies that this was neither raised, nor discussed, nor is it reflected in any of the outcome documents available publicly on the visit of President Xi Jinping to India.”

The statement of the Official Spokesperson is self-explanatory - the issue of the new Maritime Silk Route was neither raised nor discussed during the recent visit of China’s President to India, contrary to what has been reported in the local  media.  

November 7, 2014

High Commission of India Male, Maldives