About the Course


IFS officers who are going to be considered for promotion to Deputy Secretary after completion of their first round of postings abroad are required to be prepared for their new and significantly expanded responsibilities.  Transition from the role of “doer” to a managerial position often comes with challenges. Officers need to visualise issues in totality, seeing the linkages and interconnections across organization. MCTP Phase-I fills the knowledge gaps in core functional areas as well as in essential management disciplines. It facilitates the transition of officers from Analyst to Integrator, Tactician to Strategist, Bricklayer to Architect, Problem Solver to Agenda Setter and Supporting Cast Member to Lead Role.


  • To impart the knowledge, insights and skills to support challenging career transition
  • To acquaint the officers with functioning of legislative and judicial institutions
  • To prevent obsolescence by exposing them to the latest concepts and techniques in the functional areas.
  • To improve thought processes and analytical ability in order to uncover and examine prob­lems and take decisions in the best interests of the government and organisation;
  • To equip the officers with new sets of skills, shaping them into effective negotiators.

COURSE METHODOLOGY: The training methods adopted are lecture, group discussions, exercise, case studies, field visits and rural immersion.


  • Foreign Policy
  • Engagement and Cooperation with Neighbouring Countries
  • Multilateral, Regional and Bilateral issues
  • Inter Ministerial Coordination
  • Functioning of Legislative and Judicial Institutions
  • General administration, Public policy & planning
  • Missions, Programmes, & schemes of GoI
  • Managing Media and public diplomacy
  • Skill Training


ELIGIBILITY: This course is for IFS officers with 5-8 years of service

Sushma Swaraj Institute of Foreign Service