Familiarisation Program for Resident Heads of Mission

About the Course:

This is the familiarisation program for the resident Heads of Mission.

Rationale:  The programme is an initiative of FSI, pursuant to request of some Foreign Heads of Mission based in New Delhi that they would like to attend training at FSI with a view to understanding the background, evolution and more importantly the current status of India’s foreign policy positions, including relations with key countries.

Objective: The objective is to brief the HOMS on India’s major foreign policy planks and the rationale governing them.

Course Methodology: Lectures, interactive Q & A’s

Course Content: Foreign policy issues of India and relations with the region, neighbours and others.

Duration: The week-long programme has 10 sessions over 05 days in the afternoons.

Eligibility: Foreign Heads of Mission based in New Delhi

Foreign Service Institute