Floral-Fauna by Mr. Bimal Saigal - Art Exhibit at FSI

An art exhibition titled “Floral-Fauna – Nature’s art expressions in wood” by Shri Bimal Saigal, Consultant in Gulf Division of MEA, was inaugurated by Ambassador JS Mukul Dean (FSI) on 10 April at 1700 Hrs. Inaugurating the exhibition, Amb JS Mukul said, “As a training institute, we attach great importance to appreciation of art, music, literature, photography and other arts. As diplomats, it is very useful for us to take time out for such creative pursuits besides our primary responsibilities.”

“It is interesting and appreciable as to how the studies in different manifestations of art have been synthesized in the training programme in diplomacy at the FSI. The art is based on the concept of imagination rather than innovation. It involves visualizing some animal or human figurine lurking within entangled mass of roots or branches and then removing the projections those obscure the image. It has been over three decades that I have been practicing this art which I have named Floral-Fauna,” remarked Mr. Saigal, describing the artworks at the inauguration.

The exhibition is being displayed in the viewing area of the newly renovated VIP Lounge at the ground floor of the Institute. The art exhibition – a first at FSI – will be displayed for a length of two weeks. The arts stimulate and add value to the mind and capacities of a diplomat. They are a universal manifestation of inter-cultural and international dialogue and exchange. The exhibition, therefore, has also been included in the training programme of the 67th Professional Course for Foreign Diplomats- the flagship Course for foreign diplomats at the FSI. 48 Diplomats from 42 countries, and other guests attended the exhibition.

The exhibition’s theme is in line with the values of love and respect for the environment which is an essential characteristic of Indian life in general and MEA in particular. FSI, the premier Foreign Service training institute in India, deems it vitally important to pass these values to the next generation of diplomats from India and all over the world.

Sushma Swaraj Institute of Foreign Service