List of Officers

Shri Jaideep Mazumdar

Shri Anil Naib
Email: amboff.vienna[at]

First Secretary to Ambassador
email : amboff.vienna[at]

Shri Arun Kanth ManoharanCounsellor (Consular)
Email: cons.vienna[at]
Shri Mahesh SubramanianCounsellor (Atomic Energy and S&T)
E-mail: atom.vienna[at]
Brig S. SanjayDefence Attache (resident in Berlin)[at]
Mr Tushar R PhadnisCounsellor (Space) (resident in Paris)[at]
Shri Gyanveer Singh

 Smt. Chitra Naib 
First Secretary (C & UN )
E-mail: multi.vienna[at],

Second Secretary to FS (C&UN)
email : pamulti.vienna[at]
Smt. Nidhi TewariFirst Secretary (Pol & Multilateral)
Email: pol.vienna[at]
Smt Neerupma S. KararhaSecond Secretary (Culture & HOC)
Email: culture.vienna[at], hoc.vienna[at],
Shri Rishi TripathiSecond Secretary ( Media, Education and Disarmament) 
 Email: ccl.vienna[at] and pol.vienna[at]
Shri Sandeep Kumar SinghAttache' (Admn & Accts) 
Email: admn.vienna[at] 
Smt. Anita SatheesanAttache'/PS to Counsellor(Cons)
Email: cons1.vienna[at]
Mr. Arun KumarAttache' (Project & Property)
Jyoti Mittal

Teacher of Indian Culture
Email Id: tic.vienna[at]

Embassy of India Vienna, Austria