The Consular Wing

The consular wing of the Embassy offers, among others, passport and document authentication services.

Please note:

  • All payments for Consular/Passport services should be made in cash at the Consular Section of the Indian Embassy and a receipt should be obtained.
  • For issue of Passport and attestation of Power of Attorney/Signature, the applicant has to be physically present at the Embassy counter and sign in the presence of Consular Officer. However, in other cases where the applicant is living outside Vienna, the application can be sent through someone else, with an authority letter indicating the name and passport details of the bearer authorizing him/ her to deposit on behalf on the applicant. The application will be accepted only when the documents and other formalities are complete.
  • Application for issue of Passport can be submitted at the Embassy counter on any working day between 0930 – 1130 hours irrespective of the date of appointment given at the time of registration on the internet. Collection of processed consular documents would be from 1600 hrs – 1700 hrs.
  • No refunds : The fee once paid, cannot be refunded, even if the application is withdrawn or its service cannot be rendered.
  • Consular surcharge of € 3.00 shall be levied on OCI and Visa services while € 2 will be charged on all other consular services (Passport, Misc. Services etc.) 

Embassy of India Vienna, Austria