Official Visits

  • Montenegrin Foreign Minister Milan Roćen visited India on 11 April 2012 and met with Foreign Minister Somanahalli Malliah Krishna.

  • Montenegrin Minister of Finance Milorad Katnic, visited India from 8-15 February 2011 to attend a Conference “India as a Global Power: practicing Liberal Values at Home and Abroad” organized by Mont Pelerin Society. He took the opportunity to meet Minister of State for Finance, Shri Namo Narain Meena.

A number of bilateral visits and exchanges took place when Montenegro was a part of FRY/Union of Serbia and Montenegro to further and strengthen the friendly relations. A few important ones are:

  • Visit of MOS (RIS) to Montenegro: The then Minister of State for External Affairs, Rao Inderjit Singh visited Montenegro from 8-9 July 2005 to seek support for the G-4 Resolution on UNSC reform and expansion.
  • Visit of Montenegrin Delegation to India: An eight-member delegation comprising officials from the Montenegrin government and the municipality of Bar and led by the then Deputy Prime Minister of Montenegro Branimir Gvozdenovic visited India from 25-29 July 2005 at the invitation of our Minister of Shipping Shri T.R.Baalu.

Embassy of India Vienna, Austria