Cultural Relations

  • A three -Member Instrumental Flute group led by Shri Rupak Malhar Kulkarni from Maharashtra  performed in Hotel Ramada in Podgorica, Montenegro on 8th October 2019.
  • An exhibition of paintings of Ms. Tatjana Burzanovic, a Montenegrin national was held in Podgorica on 15 April 2014. The paintings showed topics of the Bhagavad Gita.
  • An ICCR sponsored Kathak Dance troupe led by Ms. Rujuta Soman performed in Tivat and Budva on 29 and 30 May, 2014.
  • Screening of Indian Films: A package of eight Indian films sent by the XP Division was screened in Podgorica in 2004.
  • Visit of Odissi Dance Troupe: An 11-member Odissi Dance Troupe led by Shri Gangadhar Pradhan visited Montenegro from 5-8 July 2005 and performed at Bar.
  • Visit of Bharatnatyam Dance Troupe: The Uma B. Ramesh Bharatnatyam Dance Troupe visited Montenegro on 17-18 July 2005 and performed at Bar.
  • Exhibition of Paintings based on Tagore’s poems by Montenegrin artist Ms. Tatjana Burzanovic at the Center of Contemporary Arts, Podgorica in September 2007. This was the first cultural event organized in Montenegro after its independence and was marked by the gracious presence of the President of Montenegro, Minister of Culture, Sports & Media and several prominent personalities from the Montenegrin government, media, and business sectors.
  • To coincide with the 3rd Anniversary Celebrations of Montenegro’s Independence, in cooperation with Sri Chinmoy Centre of Montenegro, Evenings of Indian Culture, comprising presentations of Indian classical music on Sitar and Tabla, Bharatanatyam dances, video and slide presentations, and Photo Exhibition of Mahatma Gandhi were organised in the Montenegrin cities of Bar (21 May), Podgorica (22 May), Kotor (23 May) and Budva (24th May). The Municipalities of Bar, Kotor, and Budva made their cultural centers available for the purpose free-of-charge, and also publicized the events locally, which were well-appreciated by the people. The events at Bar Kotor and Budva were extensively covered by media.
  • Given the limited resources available with the Montenegrin Government and other institutions, at least in the coming few years, India would be required to do more from its side to initiate and sustain such activities in Montenegro

Embassy of India Vienna, Austria