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Speeches of Ambassador

Speech during the Ambassadors' tour to the Plant of Varun Beverage on 09.09.2022

Fellow Ambassadors and diplomat colleagues,

Mr. Vijay Bahl, CEO, Varun Beverages,

  •  Thank you for inviting us to have a tour of the plant and experience sharing on Varun Beverages' fabulous success in this country in a short span of 4 years.  
  • M/S VB - fine example of successful trilateral venture in the sense that an Indian investment is manufacturing US beverages in Zimbabwe.
  • The company has been successful in backward and forward integration too
  • I would like to compliment the Government of Zimbabwe for providing a conducive atmosphere for carrying out business, as a result of which M/S Varun Beverages are able to realize their expansion plans.
  • The growth has come at a time when many businesses all over the world are facing challenges due to falling incomes and lockdowns owing to Covid-19 pandemic.  Businesses in general the world over are rethinking their strategies, are keeping the expansion plans on hold and are laying off employees to keep afloat.  However, M/S Varun Beverages have shown by example that it is possible to grow and expand provided there are solid plans backed by an effective leadership and implementation.
  • M/S Varun Beverages is an example of human ingenuity and innovative business model whereby M/S Varun Beverages have also empowered those at the bottom of the value chain.
  • It is also an example that Zimbabwe welcomes businesses and is ready to provide a conducive environment.
  • Friends, Indian investments in Zimbabwe have had a long and continuous presence in Zimbabwe.  Indian investments in Zimbabwe are valued in the vicinity of US$ 500 million.  They provide direct employment to around 5000 Zimbabwean nationals.  Though these are rather conservative estimates, what is important is that the trade and investment relationship is growing.  
  • I always say that while we are posted as Ambassadors from our respective countries, it is the businesses and the diaspora which represent the country over a long term and are the real brand Ambassadors.
  • I also believe that M/S Varun Beverages has brought more fizz and effervescence  to the bilateral relationship.   
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