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Pan Africa e-Network project in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe will soon join other African countries that are benefiting from the Pan-African e-Network, a project that will connect all 53 countries of the African Union (AU) with a satellite and fibre optic for sharing India´s expertise in education and health. Zimbabwe is expected to be covered by the Network as part of the 3rd phase of implementation of the project by this year.

Forty four countries including Zimbabwe have so far signed the Agreement to establish the Pan Africa e-Network. Installation and Testing is completed in 24 countries for Learning Centres. All these Learning Centers are integrated into the network. Installation and testing (except for some the diagnostic equipments) of hardware and software has been completed in 22 countries for Patient-End Hospitals. Other countries are taking necessary steps to immediately implement the project. The project aims to create significant linkages for tele-education and tele-medicine, making available the facilities and expertise of some of the best universities and super-specialty hospitals in India to the people Zimbabwe. 

The project is also equipped to support e-governance, e-commerce, resource mapping and other services in the African countries, besides providing VVIP connectivity among the Heads of State of the African countries through a highly secure closed satellite network. 

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