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International Women's Day speech-8th March 2019 - by R.Masakui, Ambassador of India

HonorableKirsty Coventry, Minister for Youth, Sports, Arts, and Recreation.
Senior officials of the Govt. of the Republic of Zimbabwe

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am delighted to be a part of the International Women’s Day celebration. IWD is celebrated globally to honour the achievements of women in the field of Social, politics and economy. But for me the meaning of this celebration goes far beyond mere great achievements of women. It is celebration of the essence of womanhood which finds expression much beyond the description of words and ticking of boxes of achievements.

 My mother, my sister and my wife are the three important women in my life, who have not only made me a better person and supported me through thick and thin, but also taught me that battles can be won by love, kindness and forgiveness-the essential elements of life that are much less known in men’s world. Women, irrespective of their positions and posts, are wonderful creation of God because you not only manage the office well but also ensure that every need of your house is met perfectly. That’s the reason, women deserve the honour of setting aside a day in a year to constantly remind ourselves to respect, care, support and motivation them.

You have every reason to cherish the blessing of being a woman. I know at times you feel that you are only ones who have to make sacrifices or who have to let go your feelings and dreams for others linked to you, but, it is just the result of the power that god has given you. God created the feminine creature as a symbol of utmost affection that not only leads the perfect life for herself but also lays down the strongest base for others dreams as well.

Celebrated on 8th March, every year, the significance of International Women’s Day is increasing year after year and has become a custom today. It is a celebration of respect, appreciation, love and care towards women. I am glad to know that Women’s Day is also celebrated in colleges and schools which instill respect and care for women in the minds of young brains since their childhood itself. It also forms an essential part of the curriculum in some schools in order to spread the knowledge and awareness of women empowerment, their position in the society and their achievements.

This is an opportunity for every man to thank women who have played an important role in their lives. I probably never wish verbally women surrounding me on the ‘International Women’s Day’, but deep inside my heart I always thank them for being in my life and shaping it the way it is today.

Today’s woman is no longer a dependent soul; she is Independent and self-reliant in every respect and is capable of doing everything. What better example we have than in our own Honorable Minister, the epitome of women empowered, successful, motivated, highly achieved, strong, determined and yet beautifully reconciled with the women’s unconditional love, kindness, compassion and care. Every day is women’s day for her. So is yours my sisters.

A single 24 hour day is way too short for appreciating or recognizing the deeds that women do. Let me substantiate my point. Imagine just a day in the world without women; I think it will not only be chaotic but men will behave like animals.Each womandoes something incredible everyday and most of these cannot be expressed through words and even more are not noticed.

But let me tell you this, you are women of Proverbs 31, worth far morethan rubies, a merchant ship full of valuables bringing from afar, you open your arms to the poor, your men are respected  at the city gate  where he takes his seat among elders of the land because of you. Your children arise and call you blessed. We men honour you for all that you have done; we men value you every day; we men celebrate you every day. You remain better half every day. Happy women’s day to every beautiful woman present here.

Allow me to conclude by congratulating the Ministry of Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation for choosing to celebrate this beautiful day with sessions of aerobics and yoga. Aerobics-representing strength, dynamism and versatility of women and yoga representing women in whom physical, mental, emotion and spirit are gracefully reconciled.   

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