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Know India Programme (KIP)

As you are aware, Know India Programme (KIP) is a flagship initiative of the Government aimed at engaging and making the young Indian diaspora [18-30 years] feel more connected with their motherland and to be motivated and inspired by the transformational changes taking place in India.

2. KIP is a 25 day orientation programme organized by the Ministry in partnership with one or two States. Each KIP group includes 40 persons of Indian origin. Preference is given to those from Girmitiya countries and those who have not visited India so far. The Ministry extends complete hospitality to the selected participants during their stay in India, and bears 90% of the cost of international airfare.

3. The Ministry has successfully organized 53 KIPs since 2004 in partnership with different States. 1821 candidates,representing various countries, have participated so far. Following the success of the programme and the positive feedback received in 2018-19, the Ministry has decided to organize 6 KIPs during the financial year 2019-20 between August, 2019 to January, 2020. Out of these, details of 3 KIPs (54th, 55th & 56th) have already been announced by the Ministry on the KIP portal ( External website that opens in a new window). We are also arranging visits to India's premier scientific and technological institutions during the upcoming KIPs.

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