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Security Advisory

Possibilities of Hostile Acts Between Jalalabad Road and Road to Pol-e-Charki Details

Possibilities of Hostile Acts Between Jalalabad Road and Road to Pol-e-charki

1.           Intelligence inputs indicate possibility of hostile acts on Jalalabad Road around General area Pol-e-Charki.

2.         Embassy of India advises all Indian nationals to avoid undertaking journey by road towards Pol-e-Charki and additionally to observe the following security measures:-

(a)        Keep safe distance from military/police vehicles belonging to ANA/ANP/ISAF.

(b)         Pay attention to suspicious cars, pedestrians and vendors near house, compound and neighbourhood.

(c)         Undertake all movement by car and avoid walking in the streets if not strictly necessary.

(d)         Keep car doors and windows closed while driving.

(e)        Pay attention to vehicles with dark glasses and without number plate.

(f)        Pay particular attention when arriving at place of work or home as these are easily watched by hostile elements, especially when following daily routine.

(g)        Ensure before starting any movement from place of work/home that mobile phone and radio batteries are charged and credit balance is available for calls.

(g)        Avoid any unnecessary movement during night unless absolutely necessary.

(g)        In general, keep a low profile.

(Surinder singh)
Military Attache & Defence Advisor
Indians in Afghanistan (Through Email)

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