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TCS Colombo Plan

TCS Colombo Plan

TCS Colombo Plan
The scheme is offered by the Indian Ministry of Finance to many developing countries, including Afghanistan for short-term trainings.

20 slots are allotted every year for Afghanistan.

The object of this scheme is to train middle level officials of the Afghan Government Ministries/Departments/Semi-Government Organizations. Comprehensive and integrated training is provided to participants to assist them in enhancing administrative and technical capabilities through human resource development.

Course offered:

Among the course offered are:

Standardization and Quality assurance, Parliamentary Internship, Sustainable crop production, Livestock Management, "Footwear design, Stones mechanics, Marine fisheries, Plastic processing tools, Poultry Management, Leather processing, Intensive biotin Silkworm, PG Remote Sensing, IT, General Insurance, Audit, Oil and Gas flow measurement, Urban development, Hydrology, Molecular biology, Manpower research, Cement industry, Business management, Law enforcement etc. The duration of the courses varies from 1 week to 3 years.

Terms and Conditions:

The training programme covers tuition fees and provides accommodation and a limited living allowance. Economy class both ways are also borne by Government of India.
Contact details from Indian Side:
Sl.No. Contact Point Contact Person Phone Number Mobile Number
1 Embassy of India,Malalai Watt,InteriorMinistry Road, Kabul Shri, Gyan Chand Garg,SS(Education) --- 0706131591
Contact details from Afghan Side:
Sl.No. Contact Point Contact Person Phone Number Mobile Number
1 Independent Administrative Reforms & Civil Service Commission Mr. Farhad Osman Osmani Director General, Afghan Civil Service Institute 0793400364 0786948263
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