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Information for Applicants

All Afghan citizens holding ordinary passports are required to apply at the Embassy’s only authorised Visa Outsourcing Agency: 

Shahir Travel Agency.
Address: Char Rah-e-Haji Yaqub,
Tel:  0799679151, 0789047417, 0776660949

Receiving applications:   8 am to 12 noon.
Delivery of passports:     2.30 pm to 6.30 pm.

Visas are processed at the Embassy and applicants are called for interview.  The period required for issue of visas varies between 4-5 days. Visas to Afghan citizens are issued gratis.  There is no charge levied by the Embassy [except in those cases where the passport has been issued from an Afghan mission overseas].  However, a service fee of Afghani 350 is to be paid to the Visa Outsourcing Agency for each application.  No other charge is payable to the Agency. In case of complaints regarding overcharging or any related issues, applicants are requested to give the same in writing and drop it in the Complaint Box placed at M/s Shahir Travel Agency or at the Embassy or through email to  The applicant should provide his/her full name, passport number, address, telephone number, email, details of the.  Anonymous complaints will not be entertained.

Please note:
1. In case of emergencies (such as medical), applicants may contact the Agency between 8 am and 12 noon and the Embassy on 2203430/2200185 between 1 pm and 5 pm.  Such cases will be considered purely on merit and if approved, would be charged an emergency fee.

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