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Security Advisory

Security Advisory for Indian Nationals

Security Advisory : Afghanistan

The security situation in Afghanistan continues to be  highly volatile, unpredictable and dangerous. Different terrorist groups operating in Afghanistan have escalated violent activities and carried out a series of complex attacks in Kabul City and other parts of Afghanistan, mainly targeting Afghan Defense and Security Forces, Government Institutions, International Community  and  even innocent civilians. Recently, targeted attacks are on the rise in which  the militants are attacking not only Govt. establishments, but also hospitals and religious institutions. The road side IED blasts have increased and magnetic IEDs are being used to target vehicles.

2.  In view of the heightened threats, all Indian citizens are advised to exercise strict vigilance and caution with regard to security at work place, place of residence and also during movement in the city. Please avoid any non-essential movement especially during peak commuting hours and maintain distance from possible targets like  military convoys, Afghan Govt. Ministries/offices, high ranking officials, Law Enforcement Agencies, International Guest Houses/Hotels/ Compounds, Airports, vehicles carrying Afghan Govt. officials etc.  Any essential movement may please be kept as discrete as possible.  Movements generally                          should not have a predictable pattern and timing and routes taken should be changed to maintain an element of surprise. It  is advisable to be in a high state of alertness during essential movements.

3.   Traveling outside the main cities should only for essential purposes and undertaken preferably by Air as most roads are unsafe and prone to attacks and illegal check posts have been put up by militants/anti- government elements.

4.  Please keep the contact number of nearest PS in readiness to contact in any case of emergency.

5.   As COVID-19 pandemic  is still prevalent in Afghanistan, wearing masks, using sanitizers and maintaining physical distancing is a precautionary measure. Utmost care may be maintained as adequate  medical facilities may not be available in every part of the  country.

6.    Keep following the mass media and tweets (social media) by local authorities and the Embassy of India to be aware of updates on security.

7. Any suspicious situation, person or activity may please be brought to notice of the Public Affairs Wing of the Indian Embassy, Kabul (Whatsapp No.+93706131611/ +93706519518).

July 26, 2020.

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