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Security Advisory

Security Advisory

Embassy of India

No. KAB/815/2/11(134)-                                                                                                                                  June 04, 2014
Security Advisory

There was an attack on the Indian Consulate in Herat at 3.25 am on May 23 by 3 heavily armed militants which was eventually neutralized by the alert Indian security contingent and effective response by the Afghan security forces. While five members of the Afghan security personnel were injured, there were no casualties among civilians, and all the attackers perished.

More recently, on June 2, an Indian national, Mr Alexis Premkumar Antonysamy, who was working with a western charity organization, was kidnapped by 6 armed militants while on a visit to a school in Saahadat town of Zindajan district near Herat. There are also reports of general increase in attacks in recent weeks around Afghanistan.

The increase in the level of violence is linked to the ongoing spring offensive ‘Khyber’ since May 12, marking the traditional fighting season with the onset of summer, as well as efforts to disturb the second round of Presidential elections on 14 June.

We have also received credible inputs of threat to Indian interests and citizens in Afghanistan. All Indian citizens are therefore advised to take necessary precautions and maintain vigilance. All movement outdoors must be random and unpredictable, by variable routes and only if unavoidable. Kindly also remain in contact with the Embassy and your other colleagues as well as mass media to be aware of any untoward
happening in the surroundings with bearing on security.

Public Affairs Wing
Embassy of India, Kabul

All Indians in Afghanistan

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