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Visa Services


FAQ - Visa Services

1. What types of Visas can be obtained to visit India and what are their requirements?

Tourist visa:

Tourists wishing to visit India will normally be granted tourist visa, for a maximum period of six months effective from the date of issue. Tourist visa are non-extendable and non-convertible.

Business Visa:

Business Visa are normally granted for a period upto 6 months. However, multiple-entry Business Visa for up to 5 years validity may be granted to technicians/experts going to India in pursuance of bilateral agreements or joint venture projects having Government approval.

Student Visa:

Student Visa can be obtained on furnishing proof of admission to recognized Universities/institutions in India. Student visas are granted for duration of the course or upto 5 years whichever is less.

Employment Visa:

Employment Visa can also be obtained on furnishing of proof of employment with companies in India. It may however be noted that applications for employment visas are considered only for managerial/highly skilled jobs.

Transit Visa:

Transit Visa is valid for halts of up to 72 hours in India within 15 days from the date of issue of the visa and must be obtained before departure. Transit "Visa cannot be obtained from immigration counters at ports of entry in India. Evidence of onward travel to a destination outside India is required.

Requirement for Visa:

  1. Original passport valid for at least 6 months
  2. Correct visa fee. For Afghans visa is issued Gratis.
  3. Two passport size colour photographs (size 2”x2”) in white background.
  4. Supporting documents, where necessary
  5. Duly completed application form (Pakistani nationals need to apply on special application form)

Please Note:

(i) Persons holding long term Visa (having validity exceeding 6 months) are normally not expected to stay in India more than 6 months during each visit. For visits for a period longer than 6 months, the visa holder is required to register with the Foreigners' Registration Office (FRO)/Foreigners' Regional Registration Office (FRRO)

(ii) Visa Exemption Letters previously granted to children of Indian origin (for a maximum validity of 90 days from the date of issue) have been discontinued since 1 July 1999. Visa Exemption Letters issued in the past are hence no longer valid. All children holding separate passports are now required to obtain regular visa.

2. Can I apply visa for a family member who is not in Afghanistan?

Ans :No, the applicant has to be in Afghanistan while applying for visa.

3. How many photographs are required for visa?

Ans :2 colour photographs with white background (Size 2” X 2”). 

4. What is the procedure to apply for visa for Afghan Passport holders? 

Ans :Afghan passport holders have to submit application forms duly filled and signed at India Visa Application Center counter with 2 colour photographs with white background (Size 2” X 2”), necessary documents and passport. Processing time –4-5 working days. The passport must be valid for more than 6 months and should have atleast two blank pages. 

5. What is the procedure to apply for visa for holder of non-Afghan Foreign Passport? 

Ans: Applicant holding any passport other than Afghan can apply for visa if resident in Afghanistan. On day 1 submit application forms with 2 colour photographs with white background (Size 2” X 2”), necessary documents and verification fee of USD 28 /-. (To show the original passport at the counter). Applicant holding any passport other than Afghan passport can apply for visa if resident in Afghanistan. A minimum period of 5 working days is required for processing of the application. The visa application along with additional reference form can be submitted at the Embassy between 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM. Once the application is approved applicant can submit the passport and requisite fee between 11.00 AM – 1.00 PM and collect the visa after 4.30 PM on the same day from the reception at Embassy. The passport must be valid for more than 6 months and should have atleast two blank pages.

(Not applicable for prior reference cases and persons going to restricted/ special permit areas.)

6. What if I hold a valid visa in an expired Passport?

Ans : The Visa can be transferred from old passport to new passport subject to payment of applicable fee to the Embassy.

7. Can the visa be transferred from old passport to new passport?

Ans : Yes, if the existing Visa is still valid. If the visa is issued in Afghanistan  it will take 2 working days with but if visa is issued by other Indian Mission, then it will take minimum 5 working days. Please submit the application form, old passport, new passport and requisite fee. Additional charges of USD 28/- will be charged for verification.

8. If I have to register myself in India, where do I go and register?

Ans: The registration is to be done at any Foreigners Regional 
Registration Office (FRRO) or at Foreigners cell at district police headquarters.

9. Can my visa be extended in India if I have to stay longer than required?

Ans : If the visa is 'X' category, employment visa or student's visa, it could be extended by the FRRO subject to local checks. However tourist Visa cannot be extended under any circumstances.

List of FRRO's office in India

1) Delhi: Foreigners Regional Registration Officer,Level – II, East Block VIII,
R. K. Puram Sector – I,
New Delhi 

2) Mumbai: Foreigners Regional Registration Officer,
Annexe-II, Commissioner of Poilice, 
Crawford Market,
Mumbai – 400001. 

3) Kolkata: Foreigners Regional Registration Officer,
237, AcharyaJagdish Chandra Bose Road,
Kolkata – 700020. 

4) Amritsar: Foreigners Regional Registration Officer,
Additional Deputy Director,
Bureau of Immigration,
Ranjeet Avenue, Amritsar. 

5) Chennai : Chief Immigration Officer,
Bureau of Immigration,
ShastriBhavanBhavanAnnexe No. 26,
Haddows Road, Chennai – 600006.

10. What is the procedure to apply for Students visa and procedures for extension of student visa?

Ans : This visa is issued to students who are enrolled for regular academic courses in India. The documents required are as follows; proof of admission/Bonafide certificate of an educational institution recognized by the Government of India, application forms duly filled and signed, two photos and requisite fee.

11. What is the procedure to apply for journalist Visa?

Ans : This visa is issued to applicants going to India for journalism purposes. Applicants may submit their visa application along with the letter from their company giving details of their visit.

12. Can I bring Indian currency with me to India or do I have to get them converted only when I land in India?

Ans. Bringing Indian currency by any foreign national is prohibited. Only Indians who travel overseas frequently can bring small amount of Indian Rupees. Hence please bring any hard currency and get it exchanged into Rupees in India.

13. How much foreign exchange can I carry to India?

Ans. Any person can bring in to India from a place outside India foreign exchange without any limit. However, declaration of foreign exchange/currency is required to be made in the prescribed Currency Declaration Form in the following cases:

  1. Where the value of foreign currency notes exceeds US$ 5,000.00 or equivalent, and
  2. where the aggregate value of foreign exchange (in the form of currency notes, bank notes, traveler's chequesetc) exceeds US$ 10,000.00 or its equivalent.

14. How do I get the information about Tourism offices in India and abroad?

Please visit: External website that opens in a new window for India tourism Officials and External website that opens in a new window for Indian tourist offices abroad.

15. Is emergency visa services extended to non-Afghan visa applicants?

Ans. Emergency Visa services are extended to only Afghan passport holders who have been issued passport in Afghanistan as the Mission is required to refer and obtain clearance in cases of non-Afghan foreigners and Afghans who have been issued passport outside Afghanistan.


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