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Security Advisory

Security Advisory

Embassy of India

No. KAB/815/2/11(137)                                                                                                                      April 23, 2015
Security Advisory

The Taliban has announced that its Spring Offensive this year would start at 5 am on April 24, which begins their summer fighting season though there have been several large scale attacks in recent days including a blast in Jalalabad on April 18 that resulted in 35 civilians dead and 115 injured. As winter months have traditionally seen a lower rate of violence due to the inclement weather and difficult terrain, it is to be expected that there would be a significant increase in the quantum and frequency of violence across the country with the warming of the weather and beginning of the Taliban Spring Offensive which they have named ‘Azm’ (resolve) this year. An additional feature this year would be the Afghan security forces combatting the insurgency alone, with very little support from the about 12,000 international troops that remain to train, advise and assist Afghan forces after the withdrawal of the remaining international troops at the end of last year. In addition to large-scale attacks to capture territory in the provinces, part of Taliban strategy is also to conduct spectacular suicide attacks and IED blasts in cities including Kabul. The targets of such attacks are likely to be, but not limited to, military and government installations, military convoys, diplomatic premises, hotels and foreigners’ guest houses.       

2.    In view of the above, it is advised to remain watchful of the security environment in the coming days, to be able to act quickly if the situation warrants. We have also received credible and specific inputs of threat to Indian interests and citizens in Afghanistan. All Indian citizens are therefore advised to take necessary precautions and maintain vigilance. All movement outdoors must be random and unpredictable, by variable routes and only if unavoidable. Travelling outside the main cities should only be undertaken by air as most roads are unsafe and prone to attacks and illegal check posts put up by militants. Kidnapping, assassination and intimidation are also standard tactics used by anti government elements to target both the indigenous and expatriate population. Unnecessary movements in public places, specially in the vicinity of military installations and convoys, should be avoided. Kindly also remain in contact with the Embassy and your other colleagues as well as mass media to be aware of any untoward happening in the surroundings with bearing on security.

Public Affairs Wing
Embassy of India, Kabul

All Indians in Afghanistan


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