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Security Advisory

Security Advisory

Embassy of India
No. KAB/815/2/11(136)                                                                                                           November 23, 2014

Security Advisory

The security situation in Afghanistan remains volatile despite the onset 0f winter when active fighting by Taliban diminishes on account of terrain and weather which however has little effect on perpetration of suicide attacks and lED blasts, especially in cities. Moreover, this year is unusual as international troops are scheduled to leave the country by the end of the year though the signing of BSA has ensured that over ten thousand troops will remain to train, advise and assist Afghan security forces. The Taliban summer offensive this year has been intense with large group attacks mounted by them in many provinces against Afghan security forces who combated them with little aid from international forces. There have been several suicide attacks and lED blasts in Kabul and other cities in the recent days, including an attack on November 9 in the office of Kabul police chief which killed his office manager and wounded six others. According to reports, there has been a 68 % increase in attacks in Kabul city. There has been frequent usage by militants of magnetic IEDs in the cities on vehicles while moving on the road or in unsecured parking to hit intended targets. There have also been several instances of lED and suicide attacks against vehicles of the International military and Afghan security forces. Successful attacks on the highly secure Hotel Serena and a Lebanese restaurant frequented by foreigners early this year also indicates the capacity of the militants to hit public places in the city.

In view of the above, it is advised to remain watchful of the security environment in the coming days, to be able to act quickly if the situation warrants. We have also received credible and specific inputs of threat to Indian interests and citizens in Afghanistan. All Indian citizens are therefore advised to take necessary precautions and maintain vigilance. All movement outdoors must be random and unpredictable, by variable routes and only if unavoidable. Travelling outside the main cities should only be undertaken by air as most roads are unsafe and prone to attacks and illegal check posts put up by militants. Kidnapping, assassination and intimidation are also standard tactics used by anti government elements to target both the indigenous and expatriate population. Unnecessary movements in public places, especially in the vicinity of military installations and convoys, should be avoided. Kindly also remain in contact with the Embassy and your other colleagues as well as mass media to be aware of any untoward happening in the surroundings with bearing on security.

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Embassy of India, Kabul

All Indians in Afghanistan

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