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Corrigendum to 'Request for Proposal (RFP) for Outsourcing of Visa Services'

This has reference to the above mentioned RFP published on 23.02.16. Following amendments are being madeto the said RFP;


In sub-clause 'q', the phrase, "(Para V.8.q-Mandatory Criteria)" appearing at the end is deleted.


In sub-clause 'a', the sentence beginning with,' If a company which takes part in the tender process on the basis of a two Service Provider model, refuses to honour the selection and award of Contract, the Mission reserves the right to debar such a Company from future tenders.,"is amended to read as:

“If a company which takes part in the tender process on the basis of a two Service Provider model refuses to sign the Contract after confirming its willingness, the Mission has the right to debar such a Company from future tenders.”

iv)    Para X.13-BANK GUARANTEES

In sub-clause 'c', the formula is corrected as below:

“Service Fee x 180 days x number of applications per day, based on the figures pertaining to the preceding 12 months of the Mission, for the purpose mentioned at Para XV.19.b”


In sub-clause 'a', under S.No.v, the following modification is made:

“Online Form filling on IVFRT System: Price quoted by Mission or equivalent to Service Fee whichever is lower.”

vi)    Annexure-C

Under Section B, column F, the ‘formula iscorrectedto read as 4D+ E’.

vii)    Annexure-D : Mandatory Criteria

III. Scope of the work and deliverables required

Items under S.No. 1,2,3,4, 5 and 10 is amended to read as below;

IIIScope of the work and deliverables required

Location of the service Centre in a reputed area with convenient accessibility and proximity to the Mission i.e. within 5 kms radius. The Centre must be permissible under local zoning laws and in a secure area.
The Service Provider shall ensure that IVAC is easily accessible to members of the public. The IVAC shall have sufficient space in terms of waiting area, adequate number of counters and processing area, which would be determined through a factor of number of daily visitors, minimum turnaround time per applicant, counter opening hours, minimum number of staff required to assist applicants to complete forms and availability of personnel capable of communicating in local languages Dari and Pashto in addition to English and Hindietc.
The IVAC should have provision of heating/air-conditioning, lighting arrangements, Automated Q-system/ token dispensing machine with electronic display, Toilets- separate for gents and ladies, Sitting arrangement in Waiting Area ( minimum 100 seats),  Water Point and Dispenser,  Photocopier, Internet Connectivity / Wi-fi Facility, Photo booth, photocopier, TV in waiting area for entertainment,  Security vetted Vehicles for Transportation of Documents etc. All facilities should take into account the peak season service demand.

2.Number of Centers: One IVAC. This may be increased during the term of Contract by the Mission based on the service demand.
3.Size of the Centre: Minimum area 2500 Sq Ft.
Visitors Seating Capacity: minimum 100 seats

Number of staff specifying nature of work to be handled:
Total of Staff ( Counter + back office staffs): 20
Supervisory Staffs :03
IT  Personnel: 01
Security Personnel: 10


Number of counters specifying the work to be handled:
Reception/ Information counter : 02
Form Checking/ Form Submission counter : 10
Online Form Filling Counter for IVFRT Registration: 06

10.Security and vigilance system in the Centre- Adequate trained security staffs needs to be deployed in the IVAC. Metal detectors and CCTV cameras with recorded data etc need to be installed in the IVAC premise. Back office as well as public dealing place should have CCTV coverage.
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