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Form 6a Submission at NVSP Portal of ECI for Overseas Electors

Overseas/NRI electors can submit their in nvsp portal for inclusion of their name in the State level electoral roll.

The steps to submit Form 6a in nvsp portal are :-
    1.    Open
    2.    Click link-National Voters’ Service Portal
    3.    Click link- Apply online for registration of overseas voter
    4.    Particulars required for Form 6a submission are listed below:-        
           a.    First Name/Middle Name/Last Name
           b.    Gender
           c.    Date of Birth and Place of Birth Details
           d.    Relation Type and Relative’s Name
           e.    Present Residential Address
           f.     Mobile No. and Email Id
    5.    Passport Details
           a.    Passport No
           b.    Place of Issue
           c.    Date of expiry
    6.    Visa Details
           a.    Visa Number and Type
           b.    Place and Date of issue        
           c.    Name of the issuing Authority
    7.    Description of absence fro place of ordinary residence
    8.    Full residential address in the country outside India where currently residing
    9.    Uploading of supporting documents such as photos, scanned valid pages of Passport
    10.  Place and Date of submission
    11.  Click on ‘Submit’ button.


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