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Security Advisory

Advisory for Indian Nationals Fraudulent phone calls

In other Indian missions in Europe, it has come to the notice that there have been instances of fraud calls by some unknown person posing as an Embassy Official calling from Embassy phone numbers targeting the Indian nationals.  The caller threatens the Indians that they are in trouble on account of providing false information to host government pertaining to his or her immigration.

The caller usually state that proceedings are being initiated against them by local authorities and they would be deported to India. Then the caller offers help out to the victim by urging him to transfer the money to a fraud account, stating that it as an account of a lawyer which the Mission has hired to take immediate pre-emptive action to help Indians.

The Embassy would like to caution the Indian nationals living in Afghanistan that please do not pay any money at the advice of fraudulent callers. Embassy of India does not make such calls. If any Indian citizen receives such calls he/she should immediately write to the Embassy of India Kabul - Counsellor Public Affairs:


9th June 2016

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