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Security Guidelines Issued in the Earlier Security Advisory

The security situation in Afghanistan continues to be highly sensitive and unpredictable. Country wide many violent incidents have been reported during the ongoing fighting season committed by different terrorist outfits operating in Afghanistan. The truck bomb blast on 31st May was one of the major attacks in Kabul. More violence and attacks can be expected in Kabul and other cities against government installations as well as on foreigners and their locations in future.

 In view of the heightened threats, all Indian citizens are advised to continue to exercise strict vigilance and caution with regard to security at workplace and place of residence as also during movement in the city. Please follow the security guidelines issued in the earlier security advisories.

Kidnapping incidents have also been reported in Kabul city as it has become a normal tactics of different terrorists and criminal groups to terrorize the International community. Therefore cautions should be exercised during movements and there should be no unnecessary outside movements during odd hours without Armed Guard. Visit of unknown areas should be avoided.

Kindly remain in contact with the Embassy (WhatsApp No. +93-706131611) and your other colleagues as well as keep following the mass media to be aware of any untoward happening in the surroundings having bearing on security.

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All Indians in Afghanistan                  

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