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Dhunya No discussion held with Modi over any prisoner .....

Dhunya No discussion held with Modi over any prisoner - Sun Online, 12 April 2016

Foreign Minister Dhunya Maumoon said on Tuesday that Indian government did not hold any talks with President Abdulla Yameen regarding any convicted felon in any prison in Maldives.

Speaking in press briefing held at President’s Office regarding Yameen’s two-day state visit to India, Dhunya – who accompanied Yameen on the trip, said that no one from Indian government had mentioned anything about any “criminal” in any meeting she sat in on.

“I have been informed that nothing of the sort was discussed in any talks held between President and Indian Prime Minister. There was no mention of anyone’s name,” said Dhunya.

It was reported in Indian media prior to the trip that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi would ask Yameen to release former President Mohamed Nasheed.

Dhunya said Indian government had never criticized any action taken by Maldivian government, or pressured Maldivian government to take any specific action.

She said that Indian government had taken the stance that it was Maldivians’ business to make decisions regarding internal affairs of the country, and that no one else had the right to pressure Maldives to take any specific action.

Fisheries and Agriculture Minister Dr. Mohamed Shainee, who also went on the India trip, said that Yameen was bringing important economic changes to the country to help overcome losses suffered by Maldivian citizens. And that no further questions were asked when this was explained to international parties.

“It is evident that they know these things. No further questions in that line are asked once they know. The country is bigger than that, is it not? The country does not need to back down over an issue regarding just one person,” said Shainee.

He also reiterated Maldivian government’s stance that there were no political prisoners in the country.

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