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Second Helicopter gifted by India has arrived - Sun .....

Second Helicopter gifted by India has arrived - Sun Online, 27 April 2016

The second helicopter gifted by India has arrived in Maldives.

The pilots were received with a warm welcome at INIA by Minister of Defence Mr.Adam Shareef Umar and Indian High Commissioner Mr. Akhilesh Mishra.

At the function held to mark the 124th Anniversary of MNDF, Minister had announced that a second helicopter for MNDF will arrive in two days.

Speaking to media at INIA, Minister informed that the helicopter which arrived today is much more advanced than the previous helicopter and that the aircraft was of sufficient quality to transfer senior dignitaries.

“Unlike the normal helicopters, this one is fully air-conditioned. It has latest technology which can detect individuals from long distance and is far more powerful that other helicopters.”

The helicopter will be mainly utilized in search and rescue missions and to airlift patients.

Shareef said that the helicopter would be transferred to the military base at L. Kadhdhoo where it will be based at, alongside Kurangi helicopter. He further stressed that the aero planes to be brought for MNDF will also be based at the airport.

“L.AtollKahdhoo airport will become a MNDF wing. We plan to bring three aero planes, in the future. The aero planes are being donated by India, Pakistan and China. We will be receiving a fixed wing Donio brand aero plane from India. Discussions are also underway with other countries, to obtain assistance.”

Minister had stated that the first aero plane will be brought in two years, around four months back.

Moreover, Minister noted that India works closely with the Maldivian government, especially in counter terrorism sector.

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