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President's third trip to India' what's the secret behind this - Sun Online, 11 April 2016

President's third trip to India' what's the secret behind this - Sun Online, 11 April 2016

New Delhi, Ahmed Saail Ali

India and Maldives has a strongly bonded relationship. Both countries need each other for safety and security. Thus, this is yet another important day in the history of this relation, as historic events will take place upon Maldivian President’s visit to India.

The Maldivian political arena has been in turmoil in the recent days. Following which a lot of international pressure has been targeted towards the country. Maldives need India by its side during such times. So what is the purpose behind President’s visits to India?

Seeking support against the pressure from Commonwealth?

Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative has proposed to suspend Maldives if it does not comply with the organization’s standards/policies. Consequently Maldives has also been pressured by Commonwealth regarding Former President Mohamed Nasheed’s case.

India is a powerful member of the Commonwealth. They are among the 8 countries in CMAG which take measures against other countries. Hence, gaining India’s support will be a great help to overcome these pressures.

Though it is not confirmed if discussions will take place regarding the topic, the government is giving substantial priority to the matter. Accordingly Legal Affairs Minister at the President’s office is set to travel to UK to meet the newly appointed Secretary General of the Commonwealth.

Visit to enhance ties between both countries

India is the third country to establish diplomatic ties with Maldives. India and Maldives share historic and cultural similarities. Last year we celebrated the 50th anniversary of India-Maldives friendship. Hence this trip will further boost the ties between India and Maldives.

President is set to meet the Indian President, Prime Minister and the External Affairs during this visit.

Discussions will take place on strengthening ties and on opportunities in the economic and social sector. Accordingly, both countries will be signing Memorandum of Understanding in these sectors.

Upon assuming to power, President made his maiden visit to India in January 2014. He also attended the swearing in ceremony of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi in May 2014. Hence this is President Yameen’s third official trip to India.

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