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India is the biggest development partner President .....

India is the biggest development partner President Maumoon - Miadhu News, 10 Mar 2016

Former President Maumoon Abdul Qayyoom has said that India has always remained Maldives’ closest ally and development partner.

He made the statement speaking to press, after lecturing at the Delhi Observer Research Foundation on the topic, “Islam: a religion of peace”.

President Maumoon said that India had always lent assistance to the Maldives. He noted that India and Maldives enjoyed close bilateral relations, adding that India had provided assistance in education, training, military and naval assistance.

President Maumoon noted the four day visit by the Indian navy recently.

Addressing the issue of terrorism, President Maumoon noted that organizations such as the IS flourished as proper information on the issue was not available. He said that the violent activities carried out in the name of Islam was not part of Islam and condemned such activities.

Former President Maumoon said that Muslims were not cruel or insensitive, noting that the violent activities were committed by a minority of the Islamic population. He noted that due to this, the world was getting a bad impression of Islam and Muslims.

He said that Islam and Quran commanded Muslims to co-exist with followers of other religious faiths.

President Maumoon further noted that terror acts were not just committed by Muslims but also by followers of other faiths.

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