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Health Expo to be held in "Health and Wellness .....

Health Expo to be held in "Health and Wellness Week" - Miadhu News, 3 Feb, 2016

Indian High Commission has stated that a heath expo will be held in the Commission’s “Health and Wellness Week”.

Speaking to press in Hotel Jen, High Commission’s First Secretary Amarnath said that the Expo will be held in Dharubaaruge and the biggest hospitals in India will be taking part in the Expo. Appointments and information sessions will be carried out by the participating hospitals.

Indian High Commission informs that Basavantharam India American Cancer Center, Aster Medicity, Dr. Prasanan Center for Proctology, Amritha Institute, Narayan Health Pvt Ltd, Kims Hospital, Columbia Asia, Apollo Hospitals, Kaduveri Hospital, Aggarwal Eye Hospital, Rajan Dental Institute, Ananthapuram Hospital, Manipal Health Enterprises, Malathi Hospital, Ganga Medical Center and Hospital, BGS Global Hosptial and Lifeline Hospital will be taking part in the Expo.

Affordable health care packages will be made available from the Hospitals in the Expo.

Additionally, discussions are to be held with Indian Exhibitors and local health care providers on participation agreements.

Amranath said that previously discussions on the sector had been carried out between the governments of the two countries. However, he said that trend had shifted, with the Maldivian Government engaging in discussions with private parties, adding that this will show benefits in the long run.

The Expo is open to all members of public. STO is the main sponsor of the Expo.

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