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India Health Expo 2016 highly successful - Miadhu News, .....

India Health Expo 2016 highly successful - Miadhu News, 19 Feb, 2016

Indian High Commission’s First Secretary Amarnath has said that the Indian Health Expo 2016 organized by the Commission had been well received by the public.

Amarnath said that over a thousand people had visited the Expo and enquired on the services, adding that this was a resounding success for such an expo.

He also said that the medial camp held in IGMH as part of the Expo was also successful. Amarnath added that the entire initiative had been wholly beneficial to the Maldives.

Amarnath noted that the participants of the Expo had also expressed their satisfaction with the Expo, remarking that they had expressed interest in making the Expo an annual one.

He added that medical camps will be held in conjunction with future expos and will be run based on the specialist needs of IGMH. This year’s medical camp had also focused on providing specialists in areas that were not covered in IGMH.

The camp and Expo was run with the special assistance of the main sponsor STO.

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