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India approves health pact with Maldives - Haveeru .....

India approves health pact with Maldives - Haveeru Online, Jan 14, 2016

MALE’, November 14, 2015: A photo taken on November 14, 2015 shows the newly inaugurated laboratory at the state run Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) which was built as part of an ongoing project funded by the Indian government to renovate the hospital. HAVEERU PHOTO/ NISHAN ALI

Union Council of Ministers of India approved Monday the pact between the Maldives and India for greater cooperation between the two countries and aid in developing human resources in healthcare in the island nation.

According to Indian media, the Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi had approved the MoU signed between the Maldives and India specifying cooperation in training doctors and other health professionals in the industry in addition to medical and health research development.

The two neighbours had signed the MoU in January 14, which also detailed India’s assistance in providing essential medications and enhancing other mutually agreed health services such as health promotion, disease prevention and telemedicine, according to Indian media.

"This MoU will facilitate greater cooperation between the two countries, especially for assisting Maldives for development of human resources and facilities for healthcare. Enhanced cooperation in the field of health will foster great friendship and relations between the two countries,” said the Union Cabinet in an official statement.

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