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Maldives ready to welcome PM Modi FM - Miadhu News, .....

Maldives ready to welcome PM Modi FM - Miadhu News, 20 Jan 2016

Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon on Tuesday said that Maldives is ready to welcome Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at any time that would be convenient for him.

Speaking to press, Minister Dunya said that Maldives had always enjoyed a close relationship over the years and as such Maldives is ready to welcome the Prime Minister.

She said that the visits made by the Foreign Secretary Dr. Jaishankar, two Ministers from Sri Lanka and UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s State Minister’s visits were preplanned in December.

Minister Dunya added that courtesy calls to the President were common in such visits and discussions usually centers on enhancing bilateral relations between respective nations.

She assured that the Government of Maldives will always seek advice and is always ready to negotiate on issues that are applicable.

Minister Dunya added that all the visiting dignitaries had also met with her, conducting discussions on issues of mutual interest.

Dunya said that former President Mohamed Nasheed was sent to UK for spinal surgery on request and not due to any outside influences or pressures. She added that Nasheed had signed a surety prior to departure and therefore he had to return.

“Nasheed is a convict, serving a sentence. Only those under trial or serving a sentence are under arrest,” she said.

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