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About Embassy

Commerce & Trade

Commercial Representative:

Shri Sudhir Kumar Sharma
Second Secretary
Embassy of India
Pyongyang (DPR Korea)
Email :
Mobile : +850-1912500376
Tel       : +850-2-3817215

Due to stringent UN sanctions along with sanctions imposed by the USA, Japan and South Korea, against North Korea, there does not exist many worthwhile opportunities for businessmen. Mission remains in touch with the authorities concerned here, and wait for the opportune time, as people here are very much aware of the good quality of Indian products. Businessmen interested in doing business with DPR Korea are advised to kindly check with RBI/DGTF, New Delhi guidelines so as to avoid any violation/trade dispute.  Further, banking institution is not very popular in this country and repatriation of profits through banking channels might be difficult, which is one of the discouraging factors. Incidentally, the Chinese port of Dalian is the gateway for North Korea.

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