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Come, let’s explore……Incredible India!

India, with its diversity, its long history and rich culture, its geography and landscapes, its traditions, values and customs - has always been and will always be unique. India has attracted the attention of the world since time immemorial. Indian music, dances and a plethora of other art forms, Indian languages and literature, India’s religions and ancient philosophy, the practice of Yoga and Ayurveda,the numerous fairs and festivals, the infinite variety of Indian cuisine, chores and practices embedded in the daily Indian life - all have evolved over many centuries with the blending of the original elements with the best of the influences assimilated from outside.

It is therefore no wonder that India possesses tourist attractions of every kind and for everyone. One of the modern Seven Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal is just one of the 32 World Heritage Sites in India.The Himalayas, nestled with many scenic hill stations ranging from Srinagar and Shimla in the North to Darjeeling in the East provide cool retreats with majestic scenes of the youngest and highest mountain range in the world. The Golden Triangle of Delhi-Agra-Jaipur offers a glimpse into an important era in Indian history. The royal charms of Rajasthan and the ride on the ‘Palace on Wheels’are a tourist must-see.

The Buddhist circuit of Nalanda-Bodh Gaya-Sarnath and the sacred cities on the River Ganges have been popular destinations for those who seek to explore India’s contribution to world spirituality. The temples of India are standing tributes to India’s ancient craftsmanship.

The coastline of Western India is dotted with tourist spots. The beaches of Goa and Kerala have beckoned people from all over. The tea gardens of South India and its famed spices enchanted the Europeans centuries ago. The islands of Lakshadweep and Andamans & Nicobar bring out yet another facet of multifarious India.

This is but a microscopic introduction to a wealth of tourist potential waiting to be explored. It is said that one lifetime is not enough to see half of India. What attracts the tourists to India are not only the beautiful places to see but also the warm hospitality of Indian people and the Indian way of life, which is a rich mixture of many diverse elements. We in India believe in sharing happiness and joy, and treating a guest well is a time-honored tradition.

The beauty of India can be compared to a garden of flowers of many colours and shades, all of which, while maintaining their own identity, lend harmony and beauty to the entire garden - India!

Come, let’s explore……Incredible India!

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