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Information for Students seeking admission in Uzbek medical institutions



The Indian students applying for the admission in Uzbek medical institutes are advised to carefully check the following:

1. Registration in universities in Uzbekistan - Medical universities of Uzbekistan registered with Medical Council of India (MCI) may be found at: External website that opens in a new window
Information related to screening test and eligibility certificate for Indian students studying/ willing to study abroad may be found at: External website that opens in a new window External website that opens in a new window External website that opens in a new window

Students should go through the details regarding Performance of Candidates in Screening Test conducted by NBE before arriving at a decision about taking admission in medical institutions in Uzbekistan:

2. Please visit the websites of the universities for finding out necessary details like rankings, recent academic records, faculty, infrastructure etc. Students should conduct a detailed research of the universities and also check with the Alumni to ensure that students should take admission in the better universities offering quality education.

3. Students should get acquainted with rules regarding all aspects of admission, transfer, withdrawal and any other concerned matters from medical institutes before taking admission.  It should be noted that Embassy does not play any role in any of the matters mentioned above. 

4. Students must find out whether the university students are considering, offers courses in English language. The quality of teaching in English here is not as good as in India.

5. We encourage students to deal directly with the University for Admission without mediation of Agents/Contractors, also known as Educational Consultants (ECs). Students may correspond with the universities to find out if they offer direct admission and take further action accordingly.

6. If at all students have to go through the ECs, their background and reputation should be carefully checked before hiring their services. Past/current students who had utilized the services of an EC may also be consulted to ascertain their feedback/experience. Please avoid the ECs with whom the students had unpleasant experience. 

7. Documentation is extremely important and students must ensure that the relevant papers are in order. Please make sure that the contract is in English language or bilingual (English and Uzbek/Russian) and go through it carefully before signing it. It is advised not to sign a contract which is only in Uzbek/Russian language and the contents are not clear.

8. It is equally important to check the details about the university tuition fee, hostel fee, any other relevant fees/charges and the service charge/commission charged by the EC. These should be reflected in the contract and the university admission letter.

9. Please check out the services being provided by the ECs and their terms and conditions, especially with regard to the service charges and escalation clause, if any.

10.   Please do not pay by cash to the EC. Insist on banking transactions and ask for a proper receipt. The receipt should bear the name of the University and EC’s Company. Please also insist for the fee receipt issued by the university. Proper documentation with regard to fee and other charges is a must for obtaining a bank loan as well as safeguarding interests.

11. Please also check details of hostel facilities, food arrangements and other relevant facilities being offered by the university.

12. Medical insurance is also of critical importance. Students should go for a medical cover immediately on arrival here. Insist for a proper receipt for insurance premium from university/EC and also take the policy papers into custody. This is required while seeking medical assistance from the Polyclinic/Hospital. 

13. Please bear in mind that while Uzbekistan is a beautiful country, it has strong winters. Students need to be equipped with proper warm clothing, footwear etc., to handle tough weather conditions once students are here.

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