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Cancellation of physical visas granted to Afghan nationals

In view of the recent developments in Afghanistan, the Government of India has introduced a separate sub-category of “e-Emergency X-Misc Visa” to Afghan nationals desirous of travelling to India.

2.      It may be noted that physical visas issued to Afghan nationals, who are yet to come to India stand cancelled with immediate effect, the.  Afghan nationals who are yet to come to India are advised to apply for “e-Emergency X-Misc Visa” on the e-Visa portal at External website that opens in a new window

3.      Such Afghan nationals coming on e-Emergency X-Misc Visa will have to mandatorily register with the F RRO/FRO concerned within 7 days of arrival in India. If they are moving from their registered place of stay to another place, they will have to further register mandatorily with the FRRO/FRO concerned at the new place of residence.

4.      Only Afghan nationals holding Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) for e-Emergency X-Misc visa issued by the BOI will be allowed to board India bound flights.

5.      Exemption has also been made in respect of Afghan nationals granted Long Term Visa (LTV) in India and who had gone to Afghanistan/any other country on the basis of Return Visa granted by FRRO.

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